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Practical Digital Marketing For Beginners

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Instructor: Dheeraj Thukral

Language: Mix of Hindi & English

Enrolled Learners: 616

Validity Period: 365 days

₹10000 65% OFF

₹3499 including 18% GST

Learn Digital Marketing With 100% Mentorship Support & Community Access at 1/10th of the cost of a regular institute 

Perfect For People Who Want To Apply Digital Marketing In Their Job or Business With Minimal Gyaan & 100% Explosive Practicality

This Course Is Taught & Mentored By Dheeraj An Alum of ISB, Hyderabad & Digital Consultant With More Than 8 Years of Agency & Brand Consulting Experience

  • Learn Digital Marketing With Dheeraj Thukral Practically With Live Doubt Sessions
  • Understand The Fundamentals Of Marketing & Implement For Any Kind Of Business Problem
  • Get Complete Practical Walkthrough With Real-Life Case Studies & Agency Templates
  • Get Each & Every Doubt Resolved By Dheeraj Personally - Trust me! This experience is not like your typical programs available in the market!
  • You Will Also Be Provided With No-Cost Bonus Modules On Interview Questions, Technical & Business English, & More!
  • Get Certified By Dheeraj Thukral & Team New Age Skills and verify your certification through our 24x7 integrity checker
  • Major Topics Covered: Marketing Fundamentals, Digital Advertising, Content Strategy, Complete Digital Strategy, Personal Branding, and Technical English For Career Success 

Straight To The Point, Dheeraj: Why Should I Join This Program?

I know what many of you are thinking right now. Another digital marketing program with lots of pre-recorded videos and fluff, right?

You see the problem with most courses on digital marketing on the internet is that so many institutes claim that they will make you the master of digital marketing in 3 to 6 months, but fail to deliver because

  • These institutes enroll people from different backgrounds and teach the same curriculum 
  • They charge you Rs 40,000 to Rs 60,000 in the name of practical assignments but give you only the superficial and basic knowledge that you can access freely across the internet
  • The faculty has limited time to interact with students and often are people who are entrusted with both sales and teaching. 
  • Most teaching institutes promise FREE tools worth Rs 70,000, but by the time you can actually start using those tools, the tools have reached their expiry date
  • The LMS is outdated, teaching coordinators do not offer the required support, and all the tall promises that were made to you by the sales team fall flat when the time to deliver

So How Is Your Digital Marketing Program Different, Dheeraj?

I’m glad you asked. 

So let me address it in the most simple way possible.

If you’re looking for a digital marketing program that can give you a rich taste of:

  • How work is done in an actual digital marketing environment
  • How digital marketing agencies charge their clients and run successful campaigns
  • How do business owners think when they are looking to promote their products online
  • How brands pursue their customers online through sophisticated digital marketing companies

And experiencing everything at 1/10th of the cost charged by leading digital marketing institutes then you have arrived at the right place.

This is one of a kind initiative that invites people from all backgrounds to completely immerse themselves in the domain of marketing and implement all the knowledge practically with a unique learning model.

Is It A Generic Course? How Will I Apply Stuff Practically?

  • I believe that there are virtually thousands of course creators selling the same generic modules that it is natural for you to compare this program to existing options in the market
  • In this crisp and short series filled with videos, live sessions, and practical assignments; you will also be exposed to how we at NEWAGESKILLS plan our own digital marketing campaigns including complete strategy when it comes to advertising, content marketing, emails, and more!
  • So instead of showing you completely hypothetical and fictitious data, I will be showing you exactly how I plan all the marketing campaigns for NEWAGESKILLS (the website that you are browsing) and you can get a complete picture of how all the knowledge that you will learn is EXECUTED and APPLIED in ACTION!

What Are You Going To LEARN In This Program?

✅ What Are The Fundamentals Of Marketing? How Does Marketing Fit In The Digital Landscape in India?

✅ Difference Between Digital Marketing & Selling?

✅ Digital Marketing Practical Framework & Strategic Overview

✅ How To Design Digital Marketing Campaigns?

✅ How To Write Content That Excites Your Customer & Plan Your Content Strategy Like The Pros

✅ How To Launch Google Ads? (Complete Tutorial On Video, Display, Discovery, Search, App, & Custom Campaigns)

✅ How To Design Quora Ads (Complete Tutorial On Campaign Design, Objectives, Retargeting, Split Testing, Different Ad-Formats, & More!)

✅ Introduction To Google Tag Manager - Tags, Segments, Dimensions, & Triggers For Enhanced Attribution & Pixel Tracking

✅ Introduction To Google Analytics - Segments, Dimension, Metrics, Custom Reports, Dashboards, Widgets, Setup & Sharing With Clients

✅ What Are The Different Career Options In Digital Marketing? - Agency, Freelancing, Brand, Corporate with a practical roadmap for planning your career path

✅ How Can You Prepare For Different Roles For Digital Marketing? - Skills required, years of experience, mentorship & guidance

✅ How To Steal Your Competitors Digital Marketing Campaigns To Your Advantage? - Learn How To Use Competitive Intelligence Tools Like SEMRUSH, Similarweb, AHREFS, etc to prepare digital marketing pitches

✅ How To Face Digital Marketing Interviews With Confidence & Secure Your Spot At Top Agencies of India?

You Also Get Bonus Modules On The Following Topics:

🔥 Technical English For Corporate Job

🔥 English Grammar 101 For Digital Marketing Job

🔥 Complete Walkthrough On How To Use Grammarly & Other Important Tools For Technical English

🔥 How To Crack Digital Marketing Interviews & LIVE Mock Sessions On Zoom

Know Your Trainer: Dheeraj Thukral

  • Dheeraj is a Digital Marketing Trainer, and a Marketing Consultant Currently studying at the Indian School of Business, Hyderabad.
  • Dheeraj has more than 7 years of professional digital marketing and brand consulting experience with companies such as Medela, Emaar Real Estate, House of Anita Dongre, Future Group, Edu91, Contify, etc to name a few.
  • Dheeraj also has consulted more than 25 small and medium business enterprises from all kinds of growth stages and continues to do so by leveraging the power of Personal Branding via LinkedIn
  • He has ~ 6400+ followers on LinkedIn and a combined annual reach of 500,000+ people
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